2011 brought about many wonderful changes for our growing ‘family farm’. We (or rather I) have lots more expansions rolling around in my head besides bees, trees, and bushes. We moved to a 5 acre plot which allows more bees to be placed at home. With just 6 hives being placed here and the others spread out, this move allows many mores hives to be placed within walking distance and not just driving distance. But that’s not what this post is about. In June of 2011 we added to our little farm 50 little chicks from Welp Hatchery. Of course 50 is a lot of chicks to start out with and I would not recommend doing that, but it’s really go big or go home here most of the time.

The chicks were Cornish Rock Broilers as they are known for growing fast. That was the plan- grow them fast and then be done with them and learn in the process. I have never raised any poultry on my own, but have a few friends, some books, and a willingness to learn. I also most importantly have a wife that is willing to put up with my crazy ideas although they don’t always make her happy. But the plan is to learn and become more self-sustaining.

Here is their first home on the day they arrived (6-11-2011). Nothing fancy, but it has everything they need- food, water, and most importantly heat.

They of course, quickly outgrew this box (and bedding) and needed to get into a new home.

In just 2 short months and a couple of changes along the way this was their other home outside after a brief stay in the shed. All told out of 50 chicks ordered, 3 didn’t make it past the mail trip and first couple of days, 8 were harvested early due to a really hot day, 8 didn’t make it through a long night which leaves 38-39 being brought to the table. Not too bad, but less then I had wished for.