Our wildflower honey is harvested from beehives which are spread throughout the local fields and meadows of counties in the heart of Illinois. We harvest our honey throughout the year unlike most larger operations so the color of our honey varies greatly from very light yellow to a rich dark caramel color. The wonderful taste of our wildflower honey also may vary with the different seasons in which our honey is harvested and the change in nectar sources visited by the bees.The local flora includes maples, black locust, honey suckle, willows, mixed clovers, dandilion, goldenrod, fruit trees, various berry bushes, vegetable plants, melons, salvias, legumes, mints, and much much more to make a wonderfully sweet treat. Our honey is not pasteurized, but may be slowly heated to 100 degrees to liquify any crystallization which occurs naturally. This does not change any of the healthful properties of the honey as this temperature is the same temperature reached in a hive normally around midsummer.