As you may already know I love honey. I know lots of people that love honey too. I am asked quite often what I use honey on or in. I usually don’t have a very good answer for that as what I use honey in and on changes quite often. The bottom line for me is that I am ALWAYS trying to eat more honey and less sugar. The big problem is that sugar is in almost all of our foods. It is quite alarming to me where sugar hides in our diets. No don’t get me wrong I am not trying to eat more honey to increase my sugar intake, just more honey and less sugar.

Things I have put honey in and continue to put in instead of sugar is in coffee, my vinegar and honey mixture, yogurt, sandwiches, on waffles or pancakes, in homemade gelato or ice cream, on carrots, in tea, and for me the list goes on and on.

One great resource that I have found is the National Honey Board site which can be found here or more specifically their email list that can be found here. I am not quite sure how often they send it out as I have never kept track, but it seems like about once every week or two they send an email with some info and recipe or recipes with honey in it. Check it out to get some good honey info!!!