Apple cider vinegar and honey is said to help with a number of ailments. Now I am no doctor and this is not medical advice so take it for what it is worth. But I can personally tell you it has helped me out with stomach issues and who knows what else it has helped with that I am not aware of. I can also say that it has helped my mother, wife, and father in law with stomach issues, pain, and swelling.The apple cider vinegar I use says to take 3 times per day before any meal (10-20 minutes prior), but I can only handle once or twice per day right after I wake up and 15 minutes before I eat and if I’m feeling daring right before bed (although I do not use this at night regularly). A couple of key points to keep in mind:
-use only raw, unpasteurized, (and unfiltered) apple cider vinegar We use Bragg’s
-preferably use only raw honey
My recipe is:
2T apple cider vinegar
2T honey
4-8oz water (depending on how diluted I want the taste)
stir and let sit briefly, then chug thru a straw with your nose plugged with your fingers.
This may take some getting used to to hold the glass, straw, and your nose at the same time with only 2 fingers, but believe me it is worth it. Closing your nose makes you not taste it until you stop holding your nose. I usually follow this with a small amount of water to get the taste out of my mouth.
Be warned it tastes like a rotten orchard in my opinion, but the more honey added the more you can handle it. Let me know if you have tried this with any success or your experiences. I have felt more energy and much less ‘acid reflux’ type stomach issues in just a few months taking it at least once per day. If you are really daring you can just put it in a shot glass and drink the vinegar straight followed by the honey water, but I do not suggest it.