Jesus was asked this question with a much different purpose than the reason I ask. What I am referring to here is how do you find out who has those bees next to you? Have you ever wondered who owns those hives in the field you pass every day? Or are you a farmer worried about what your spray will do to the hives near you? If these are some questions you have asked please read on.

I came across this a couple of years ago and forgot the link to where it was. Well, it was right under my nose all along I just had to look a little. My words of caution in using this site is that like someĀ ‘products’ we get from the government, although they usually have good intentions in mind they may not always be the quickest to be updated and/or accurate. Well, this is no exception as there are errors on my (and probably others) placement and information. But the intention is completely awesome. It was started in Indiana as a way for people that have crops (bees, vegetables, fruits, etc) to be known by the people who spray crops (nasty pesticides and herbicides) to help give a heads up to those that don’t want that stuff to ‘drift’ near them. The idea caught on and is now being used in some midwest states. Hopefully it will catch on and eventually be a great tool to keep our bees/crops away from the ‘nasties’.

So without further adieu here is the link to find out Who is my Neighbor???

So check it out and enjoy!