We are a growing family apiary with honeybee hives located in fields, meadows, and pastures of Kankakee County in Illinois. By utilizing chemical free beekeeping practices we keep our bees and customers happy and healthy. We also hand craft our own products utilizing beeswax and honey from our hives.

We are happy to help with swarm removal in Kankakee and surrounding counties so contact us. Our passion is to promote beekeeping and help others to get started in this wonderful field.We periodically hold intro courses/tours for those interested in how to get started. Teachers, scout leaders, or other group leaders if you have a larger group and would like a demonstration/tour contact us and we would be happy to arrange it if possible. We also field questions on beekeeping via email to help others.

We currently sell our honey and related products locally at the Kankakee Farmers’ Market and a few other events throughout the year. We sell at our etsy shop and on local harvest. If you would like a full listing of our products sent to your email for reference and are near Kankakee County please feel free to email that request.